November 22, 2022

Multimedia Nusantara University Discusses Possible Collaborations with RMIT University Australia

UMN welcomes RMIT University to discuss possible collaborations. (Doc. Marketing Communications UMN) TANGERANG – On []
November 22, 2022

UMN Student Team Successfully Passed the 2022 P2MW Program Competition

TANGERANG – Never-ending achievement from UMN students! The UMN Informatics and Management Study Program student []
November 15, 2022

How to Create a Gen Z-Friendly Subscription Business Model

UMN Library and UMN Consulting held a discussion titled “Subscription101: Understanding The Model & How []
November 15, 2022

Important Python Terminologies that Students & Beginners Must Know

Tangerang – Python, is one of the high-level programming languages ​​and is most widely used []
November 8, 2022

UMN’s Film “Ahasveros” Becomes Indonesia’s Representative in Asia’s Prestigious Films

In addition to the achievement in FFI 2021, the film “Ahasveros” again won Silver Winner []
November 8, 2022

UMN Students Achieve Achievements in Famous Film Competitions on Their Final Semester Examinations Projects

The film “Blackout” won the Next Generation Winner category at the 24th DigiCon6 Asia. (Doc. []
November 7, 2022

UMN Prepares New Architect Professional Education Study Program, First in LLDIKTI Region III

The Director General of Diktiristek Kemendikbudristek RI conducted field visits and evaluations of the UMN []
November 7, 2022

The Fun of Self-Teaching Data Science, Non-IT Students Can Have a Career in the Data Industry!

Tangerang – Currently, many people are interested in learning Data Science without the need for []
October 28, 2022

From Digital Literacy Talkshows to Sign Language Workshops, UMN Library Celebrates International Literacy Day with Literacy Week 2022

Dr. Devie Rahmawati, M. Hum. (middle) and F.X Lilik Dwi Mardjianto, S.S., M.A. (right) at []