January 16, 2023

Hundreds of UMN Students with Achievements Receive the 2022 Appreciation Symbol, Here’s the List

The Chancellor of UMN describes UMN Students’ achievements as only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ []
November 8, 2022

UMN Students Achieve Achievements in Famous Film Competitions on Their Final Semester Examinations Projects

The film “Blackout” won the Next Generation Winner category at the 24th DigiCon6 Asia. (Doc. []
October 28, 2022

Often Used Interchangeably, What Are The Differences Between Animation and Cartoon?

Who here loves the cartoon genre and animation? Surely you are no stranger to animation []
October 19, 2022

Reasons Why You Should Major in Film

Sometimes parents still have a negative view of the world of art and often object []
October 17, 2022

Want to Major in Film and Animation? Check out the Skills that Must Be Mastered!

Check out the skills possessed by students in the Film and Animation major (Source: unsplash.com) []
October 15, 2022

College Majors and its Job Prospects for Vocational Graduates in Multimedia

Candy Monster, an animated film by UMN Pictures has successfully passed to the 60th Zlin []
September 19, 2022

UiTM Malaysia Visits UMN to Sharpen Future Collaborations

TANGERANG – Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia visited Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) on Thursday (01/09/22) []
September 13, 2022

18 UMN Students Ready to Fly to Some of The Best Universities Abroad In The 2022 IISMA Program

TANGERANG – Several Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) leaders will officially release 18 UMN students participating []
September 13, 2022

Here are Some Promising Professions for UMN Art and Design Graduates

In this digital world, many needs or production activities are starting to be replaced by []