Dr. Ninok Leksono - Rector of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

Friska Natalia, S.Kom., M.T., Ph.D. - Vice Rector For Academic

Ir. Andrey Andoko, M.Sc. - Vice Rector For General And Financial Affairs

Prof. Dr. Muliawati G. Siswanto, M.Eng.Sc - Vice Rector For Relationship and Cooperation

Ika Yanuarti, S.E., M.S.F, CSA - Vice Rector For Student Affairs

Dr. Ir. P. M. Winarno, M.Kom. - Dir. Of Research Institutions and Community Service

Muhammad Cahya Mulya Daulay, S.Sn., M.Ds - Dean Of Art and Design Faculty

<b>Dr.Ir. Y Budi Susanto, M.M.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Dean Of Business Faculty

Dr. Florentina Kurniasari T., S.Sos., M.B.A. - Head Of Master Of Technology Management

<b>Inco Hary Perdana, S.I.Kom., M.Si.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Communication Science Dept.

<b>F.X. Lilik Dwi Mardjianto, S.S., M.A.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Journalism Dept.

<b>Mohammad Rizaldi, S.T, M.Ds.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Visual Communication Design Dept.

<b>Kus Sudarsono S.E., M.Sn.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Film and Television Dept.

<b>Hendrico Firzandy Latupeirissa, S.T., M.Ars.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Architecture Dept.

<b>Ririn Ikana Desanti, S.Kom., M.Kom.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Information System Dept.

Nunik Afriliana, S.Kom., MMSI - Head Of Informatics Dept.

<b>Ahmad Syahril Muharrom, S.Pd.,M.T.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Electrical Engineering Dept. (PJS)

<b>Muhammad Salehuddin, S.T., M.T.</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Engineering Physics Dept.

<b>Stefanus Ariyanto, S.E, M.Ak. CPSAK</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Accounting Dept.

<b>Mohammad Annas, S.Tr.Par, M.M, CSCP</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Management Dept.

<b>Oqke Prawira, SST.Par, M.Si.Par</b></p> <hr /> <p>Head Of Hotel Operations Dept.

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