“Being Smart Is Not Enough.”

Dear Esteemed Students,

UMN’s founder, Dr (HC) Jakob Oetama often said that “being smart is not enough”. We complete the meaning of the sentence, “Being smart by itself is not enough to be a successful person in life.” Certainly, the definition of success for each person is different. However, what Mr. Jakob meant is success as a complete, intelligent person in the academic field, but can also succeed in his relationships with others. Similarly goes to the development of individual capabilities.

As the head of the University, I encourage students to achieve the highest form of success, which is reflected by success in studies, but also in self-actualization. Allow this campus to aid and facilitate the need to develop all students. Covered by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and coordinated by the Student Executive Board, UMN provides the widest possible space for students to take part in an active and constructive campus life. Those who enjoy music can join the Ultima Sonora ensamble, or join an orchestra or band of some sort on campus. Those who fancy dancing can dance on the variety of traditional dances from various regions in Indonesia. And those who like to learn languages ​​can learn Korean or further English.

A message from the Rector of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara apart from art and language, BEM and KBM itself are an actual place for students to develop their organizational talent. This even opens opportunities for students to learn and develop leadership talents.

It is also important to realize, that leadership development also includes the development of awareness (towards the affairs or problems of others). This is truly a valuable opportunity and should not be highly considered by students.

Enroll in activities on campus as a student to take part on a useful provision to accompany science and academic knowledge which is the one of the prior target to attend the university. Read and also make Uscope as a medium for communication and interaction, so that it will be a more beneficial dimension requirement towards the completion of the campus life gained. The UMN leadership was convinced that the people and Indonesia as a country need people whom are smart but also have a humanist mind and care for one another.

Warm regards

Dr. Ninok Leksono MA
Rector of
Universitas Multimedia Nusantara