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What is Management?

The UMN Management study program exists to prepare prospective young professional managers and technopreneurs in facing the rapid development of industry in Indonesia and the world which is heavily influenced by advances in technology, information and communication (ICT). Now, many startups and e-commerce have sprung up and made a big contribution to the national economy and even the world. Therefore, it is important for prospective young professional managers and technopreneurs to have insight and understanding of ICT in order to read market opportunities, improve and grow their business.

Why choose
UMN’s Management?

UMN management has advantages, including providing an up-to-date lecture curriculum with existing industry developments to hone students’ hard skills and introducing the industry directly to students from an early age through Executive Sharing, Plant Visits, and Business Visits.

In addition, the existence of UMN’s business incubator, Skystar Ventures, enables its graduates to become reliable technopreneurs. Through its incubation programs such as providing funding, workspaces, a curriculum that is in line with the development of business ideas, as well as mentoring, Management students are expected to be able to give birth to established startups based on technology and the internet since they were in college.

Accreditation Table

National Accreditation

International Accreditation

ECTS Points Table

ECTS Points 145 SKS
Education TypeBachelor Program
Duration4 years
LanguageBahasa Indonesia
Bachelor's DegreeBachelor of Management

Vision & Mission


To become an outstanding undergraduate program in Management that produces international-minded graduates who are competent in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based management and business by emphasizing on mastering theories and practices, and have entrepreneurial spirit and noble character.


  1. To conduct a quality learning process, supported by professional lecturer, and curriculum which is up to date and promotes the link and match between education and industry.
  2. To conduct research that contributes in the development of ICT-based management and business.
  3. To utilize the management and business knowledge as the manifestation of society services.

Educational Philosophy of Undergraduate Program In Management

Educational philosophy of university were based on the principles of caring, credible, competent, competitive, customer delight, the philosophy of transcendental humanism which is the spirit of Kompas Gramedia Group and the spirit of nationhood, Multimedia Nusantara University provides space for students to become intellectuals who are humanists, ready to face change, compassionate, have a smart and creative global perspective. noble character and beneficial to stakeholders, the development of science, and society.

Aligned to educational philosophy of university called 5C Values (Caring, Credible, Competent, Competitive and Customer Delight), Undergraduate Program in Management had been designing an educational philosophy called “Holistic and Contextual Learning”. Holistic and Contextual Learning process is becoming an instrument on how our program could be delivered and implemented in students’ learning process. It is clearly reflects the implementation of educational philosophy of university which balances the students’ academic achievement with noble characters.

Advance Study

Those who gain a Bachelor’s degree in Management from UMN can pursue a Master’s degree in either local or overseas universities. The graduates can take a Master’s degree in Economics, Management, and Business Administration (M.BA.).

Entry Requirement

  • Graduated from Senior High Schools – Natural Science and Social Science Program or
  • Graduated from Vocational High Schools in Accounting, Business, and Finance

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Major in Undergraduate Program in Management 



Entrepreneurship Program is designed to prepare students to become entrepreneurs by utilizing the advancement of Information and Communication Technology, having a highly creative spirit and being able to see opportunities, conduct market analysis and run a business. Students will learn to develop business ideas by identifying opportunities, conducting market research, conducting competitor analysis, idea validation, idea development, overcoming obstacles, pitching business ideas all the way to starting a business. Students will also learn the characteristics of a successful family business that can be developed to become a corporation.

Career Prospect

Entrepreneur, Technopreneur, Sociopreneur, Greenpreneur, Womanpreneur

Marketing Management


To learn the management of marketing strategies and unique marketing programs and able to implement them in a business world along with the current condition of the market and able to utilize every advantage of ICT in a dynamical business world.

Subjects in this major: brand management, e-marketing, service marketing, integrated marketing communication, marketing research.

Career Prospects

Technopreneur, Marketing & Brand Manager, Marketing Communication Manager, Product Development Manager, Media Planner, Account Executive, Market Researcher

Financial Management


To learn the financial principles and theories needed in making financial decisions such as investment decisions, financing decisions, and dividend distribution decisions in order to maximize the welfare of stakeholders.

Subjects in this major : Entrepreneurial finance, technical analysis, derivative assets, financial research.

Career Prospects

Corporate Finance Management, Investment & Capital Market Manager, Financial Analyst, Credit Analyst, Loan Officer, Wealth Manager, Financial Planner

Human Capital Management


To learn the competency-based human resources management in an integrated way from job analysis, attracting, developing to maintaining human resource, and also industrial and labor relationship, so that it is expected that human capitals can be strategic planners for company management in achieving company’s goal.

Subjects in this major : training and development, performance management, organizational management, change management, human capital research.

Career Prospects

Corporate HR (GA, Legal, Recruitment), Employee Relation & Labor Specialist, Compensation & Benefits Specialist, Learning & Organization Development Trainer

Operation Management


Operation Management changes resources to become products and services and makes plans, designs, controls, and develops the needs of systems and process. Students will also learn the tools and techniques to analyze the operation and strategic contexts in making operational decisions. The development in industry will enrich the students to understand further operation management.

Subjects in this major : quality management, advanced operation management, applied ERP, retail management, and operation management research.

Career Prospects

Quality Control Manager, Operation Analyst, Retail Manager, Logistic Manager, Inventory & Loss Control Manager, District Operation Manager

ECTS Points Table

ECTS Points 145 SKS
Education TypeBachelor Program
Duration4 years
LanguageBahasa Indonesia
Bachelor's DegreeBachelor of Management

Advance Study

Those who gain a Bachelor’s degree in Management from UMN can pursue a Master’s degree in either local or overseas universities. The graduates can take a Master’s degree in Economics, Management, and Business Administration (M.BA.).

Student Scholarship

UMN scholarship program is offered to high school students in 12th grade who have academic, sports, and artistic achievements while in 11th grade. In addition, UMN also offers the program to high school/vocational school students who won medals in the National and International Science Olympics. As a form of appreciation for the dedication of teachers and employees/ staff in educating the nation's children, UMN provides scholarships in the form of a 50% reduction in fees for teachers/principals and a 30% reduction in fees for children of the employees/staff in high schools/vocational schools (both public and private) who want to continue their education at UMN.

More Scholarship Information

Entry Requirement

  • Graduated from Senior High Schools – Natural Science and Social Science Program or
  • Graduated from Vocational High Schools in Accounting, Business, and Finance

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Academic Advice & Academic the Handbook

Students are required to attend academic guidance meetings at least 3 times per semester. The schedule of the meetings will be provided by the respective academic supervisors. Students have to bring the academic guidance book for the meeting and they need to make sure that the academic advisor signs it.

Management Academic Handbook 

Continuing Education Department

Continuing Education Department (CED) is an educational development program at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) which is part of the Kompas Gramedia Group. We have various programs in language courses, human development, Testing Centers for national and international certifications, and training programs. UMN’s CED is designed to meet the needs of high school and college students, as well as the public and professionals.

Information about CED

Internship Information

Students are encouraged to find their own companies / agencies for their internships that align with the focus of the Management Study Program. Information about available internships can be obtained from other students, social media, job fairs, advertisements in print or electronic media or even through the UMN Career Development Center (CDC).

Internship Handbook 

Thesis & Final Project Information

To complete the Undergraduate Program (S-1) at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, students must prepare, present, and defend the thesis in front of the thesis examination board, in accordance with the provisions of the study program. The preparation of the thesis is done individually and the students can choose the supervisor directly provided that the selected supervisor agrees.

Academic Activity during Covid Pandemic

In connection with the New Normal regulations, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara implements its teaching system in accordance with the Press Release of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 137/sipers/A6/VI/2020 concerning Guidelines for The Implementation of Learning in the School Year and New Academic Year during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Chapter of the Learning System in the Higher Education Environment.

Announcement for Active Students

  1. Information for Thesis and Internship Advisors for the 2020/2021 Period (click here)
  2. Information Socialization Kampus Merdeka I (click here)
  3. Information Socialization Kampus Merdeka II (click here)
  4. Information on Intermediate Semester Subjects 2020/2021 (click here)
  5. Information on Management Clinical Activities for the Period of Even Semester 2020/2021 (click here)
  6. Information on Internships for the 2020/2021 Even Semester Period (click here)

Course Structure

Course Structure


Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Expected Learning Opportunities (ELO)

Expected Learning Opportunities (ELO)

Graduate Professional Profile

Graduate Professional Profile 

Program Specification

Program Specification

Dr. Ir. Y. Budi Susanto, M.M.
Felix Sutisna, S.E., M.M.
Trihadi Pudiawan Erhan, S.E., M.S.E.
Ir. Arief Iswariyadi, M.Sc., Ph.D
Elissa Dwi Lestari, S.Sos., M.S.M
Boby Arinto, S.E., M.M.
Dr. Mohammad Annas, S.Tr.Par, M.M, CSCP
Tessa Handra, S.E., M.E.
Putu Yani Pratiwi, S.T., M.M.
Ika Yanuarti, S.E., M.S.F
Nurina Putri Handayani, SE., MM
Cynthia Sari Dewi, S.E., M.Sc.

To support the teaching and learning process, UMN provides various complete and up-to-date lecture facilities, in accordance with industry standards. Through the existence of these facilities, students are invited to be close to the industrial world since they are in college and have competencies that are in line with industry needs. That way, it will make it easier for UMN students to get jobs, even before graduation.

As an inclusive university, UMN provides various services for students who experience learning difficulties due […]

UMN is dedicated to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for all students, including students […]

UMN supports the spiritual well-being of every student and staff member by providing religious facilities, […]

UMN’s Social Spaces are multi-purpose spaces designed for student relaxation and interaction. Whether outdoor or […]

UMN’s bookstore provides textbooks, academic supplies, and university-branded merchandise. UMN’s bookstore is a one-stop shop […]

UMN became the first campus established by Kompas Corner. Here, UMN students can access information […]

Skystar Ventures is an entrepreneurial forum established by UMN and is sponsored by Kompas Gramedia […]

Extracurricular Student Activities

In order to help students explore and develop their non-academic potentials, UMN also provides a variety of extra-curricular activities for students which is locally called UKM, Student Activity Unit.

Student who are Nature Lovers in University Multimedia Nusantara can join and participate in UMN’s […]

Ultima Sonora is the Universitas Multimedia Nusantara Choir ensemble which has been established since 2007. […]

UMN Symphony Orchestra (USO), is one of the arts and culture UKM at UMN. As […]

Let’s Dance (LDNC) is a Student Activity Unit (UKM) that focuses on dancing. LDNC itself […]

Traditional Music and Dance or familiarly known as TRACCE is one of the Student Activity […]

Qorie is one of the many Student Activity Units at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara that has […]


PkM Independent Fund and PT Internal

PkM-Domestic Financing Outside PT

PkM-Overseas Financing

Rekapitulasi Hak Cipta 2022

Rekapitulasi Hak Cipta 2021

Rekapitulasi Hak Cipta 2020

“I was provided with many up-to-date courses. The theory given is also implemented in the given task. Internship and certification programs also make graduates better prepared to enter the workforce. This is also supported by the facilities provided, such as the BI Corner and the investment gallery, which provide a lot of practical knowledge of economics.”

Jong Yodananta

Management UMN 2015 | Business Analyst di PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk

“My studies in Operational Management involve learning a lot of new concepts about real-world implementation and different strategies to solve each problem that arises. In addition, each lecturer at UMN has a unique approach towards different behaviors of their students.”


Evi Indani

Alumni Operation – Management 2015
Head of Finance & Accounting di PT Maha Baja Sejahtera

Undergraduate Program in Management

“To prepare technopreneurs and professional managers with such competencies, the up-to-date curriculum of Management program is designed for students to develop their hard skills. Besides formal lecturing, Executive sharing, Plant Visits, Business Visits can also help the students to know the real industry.”

Purnamaningsih, S.E., M.S.M.
Head of study Program