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Armed with these experiences, the man who won the Australian Alumni award for the Journalism and Media category in 2009 also shared his knowledge with the next generation of media. In addition to being the Vice Chancellor, Andrey also has the task of being the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Studies.

Ir. Andrey Andoko, M.Sc.
Dean of Faculty Communication

Communications are involved in every aspect of our lives. It may seem simple, but the possession of excellent verbal, nonverbal, and written communication is said to be one of the top skills looked for by recruiters. Students in communications develop critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills, which will help them have the ability to solve various societal issues and needs that can be useful in their personal and work life. A degree in communications allows graduates to have the opportunity of working in various industries from news media, corporate relations, and even law. 


UMN’s Communications Faculty provides three study programs: Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication, Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Journalism, Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communication (Digital Learning), and Master’s Degree in Communication Studies. Through the study programs, UMN aims to educate students supported with adequate technology and experienced lecturers to fulfill the demands of the industry and society. UMN’s communications curriculum will also allow students to experience working in a real industry, whether it be journalism, public relations, and advertising, with various project-based assignments.

Undergraduate Programs

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