April 24, 2023

UMN Makes “Assalamualaikum” Music Video with ASWARA Academy Malaysia

One of UMN’s students during the process of mixing and mastering the sound for the []
March 28, 2023

University of West Bohemia Representative Visits UMN as a Guest Lecturer and Discusses Potential Collaboration

(Dok. Marketing Communications UMN) TANGERANG – Mgr. Thomas Chochole, Ph.D., the Head of Interdisciplinary Cooperation []
March 23, 2023

UMN Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with ASWARA

Multimedia Nusantara University signs an MoU with ASWARA Academy at the UMN campus. (Doc. Marketing []
March 6, 2023

108 VCD UMN students conduct MBKM Project for MSME Development Improvement Program and 5 Village Master Plan

The release of VCD UMN students in the MBKM program for the Even Semester 2022-2023 []
January 16, 2023

Hundreds of UMN Students with Achievements Receive the 2022 Appreciation Symbol, Here’s the List

The Chancellor of UMN describes UMN Students’ achievements as only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ []
January 12, 2023

UMN Helped Curuglemo Village Start a Regional Batik Business

(Doc. The Research and Community Service Institute of UMN) Tangerang, 12/21 – Multimedia Nusantara University []
September 20, 2022

Two UMN VCD Students Triumphed at The INDDEX Design Degree Show 2022

Two outstanding UMN students at the INDDEX Design Degree Show 2022. (Doc. UMN DKV Team) []
September 13, 2022

18 UMN Students Ready to Fly to Some of The Best Universities Abroad In The 2022 IISMA Program

TANGERANG – Several Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) leaders will officially release 18 UMN students participating []
September 13, 2022

Here are Some Promising Professions for UMN Art and Design Graduates

In this digital world, many needs or production activities are starting to be replaced by []