April 3, 2023

UMN’s Faculty of Business Goes International by Gaining FIBAA International Accreditation

Doc. UMN TANGERANG – UMN’s Faculty of Business with Accounting, Management, and Master of Technology []
January 16, 2023

Hundreds of UMN Students with Achievements Receive the 2022 Appreciation Symbol, Here’s the List

The Chancellor of UMN describes UMN Students’ achievements as only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ []
September 19, 2022

UMN Postgraduate Majors and Its Tuition Fees

Not exclusively to D3 or S1 programs, Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) also has postgraduate programs. []
September 15, 2022

UMN’s Master of Management Program Integrated with Technology, Ready to Produce Innovative Graduates

After completing undergraduate education for approximately four years, many consider taking their master’s degree to []
July 12, 2022

Perks of UMN Master’s Program

Operating since 2005, this 16-year-old university has provided various programs from Diploma 3 to Masters. []
July 1, 2022

Get your Master’s Degree with UMN Scholarships

Master’s scholarships are provided for those who want to continue their education at Multimedia Nusantara []
June 26, 2022

UMN Open House: Producing Digital Competent Talents to Accelerate the Nation’s Future

TANGERANG – To directly introduce prospective students, Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) held an Open House. []
June 20, 2022

Majors at UMN

The UMN Campus. (Doc. UMN) Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN) is one of the best universities []
June 2, 2022

UMN Lecturer Research Team Receives Grant Funding from the Decentralization Program and the Follow-Up Program for the 2022 Fiscal Year

UMN Lecturer Research Team Receives Grant from The Kemendikbud Risktek Decentralization Program and Continued Program []