Advantages of the Program of Study

As the energy costs are getting higher, more buildings are designed to be energy-efficient buildings. Therefore, the graduates of UMN’s Architecture program do not only focus on building design as the main ability of an architect, they also have the ability to design energy-efficient buildings. The graduates have the competencies in mastering digital architecture as ICT-based architecture like making a building modeling.

Green Architecture Specialization

To become an outstanding undergraduate program in Architecture that produces graduates who are creative, innovative, competent, and internationally minded in ICT-based Architecture and have entrepreneurial spirit and noble character.

To conduct ICT-based architecture learning process supported by qualified lecturers and up-to-date curriculum that promotes the link and match with industry; to conduct research in ICT-based architecture that gives contribution to improve sustainable quality of buildings; and to conduct society services programs in ICT-based architecture.

Career Prospects

Designer Architects, Architectural Consultants, Contractors.

Further Studies

Content later

Enrollment Requirements

Graduated from Senior High Schools – Natural Science Program

Graduated from Vocational High Schools in Engineering.

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