Computer Engineering Video Profile

The Advantages of the Study Program

At the moment, mobile technology as the convergence of computer and communication technology (ICT) is growing rapidly. To support such technology development, especially in designing Computer Engineering, the Computer Engineering program is designed to produce the graduates who are able to develop mobile technology.

This program focuses on embedded systems as the main part of mobile devices. The program also prepares the students to be able to design and build computer networks and data communication both in a company and in a mobile format and also design variours digital-technology-based devices.

Introduction Computer Engineering

Specialization in Computer Engineering

  • Advanced Database (ORACLE) with two options: Administrator or Developer
  • Applied Computer Networking (CISCO)
  • Company System and Application (SAP)
  • Digital Game Development and Programming
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile System Development

To become an outstanding undergraduate Computer Engineering program that produces international-minded graduates who are focus in mobile computing & communication and have entrepreneurial spirit and noble character.

  1. To conduct studies with the best technology and curriculum, supported by professional lecturer.
  2. To conduct research in Computer Systems to promote Science and supported the teaching process.
  3. To deliver useful society services in Computer Systems to develop industries, government and society.


The students of Computer Engineering program will be equipped with deep knowledge about computing organizations and architectures, reminder organizations and architectures, Operating Systems (including Linux, Windows, and software basis that works in the operating systems), programming language, Algorithm, Hardware Implementation, Modular Programming in FPGA, Building Device Drivers, Web Development, Distributed Systems.

Career Prospects

Computer System Engineers/System Developers, Network Engineers/Administrators, Software/Hardware Engineers, Embedded System Engineers, System Analysts, Interface Designers, Research Assistants, Scholars, Technopreneurs.

Further Study

Those who gain a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from UMN can pursue a Master’s degree in either local or overseas universities. The graduates can take a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Data Communication, Mechatronics, Electronics Engineering.

Enrollment Requirements

Graduated from Senior High Schools – Natural Science Program

Graduated from Vocational High Schools in Computer Engineering, Engineering Informatics, Computer and Network Engineering, Software Engineering.

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