Taman UMN

Wifi Access

UMN’s Wifi bandwidth can reach 6Mbps and the Wifi is free flow. It means that the internet access is unlimited for the students. UMN’s Wifi access is for 24 hours and the service coverage is the whole area of UMN. 

Lab Mac

Computer Laboratory

UMN has 16 labs consisting of the labs of mac, multimedia, design, movie editing, sound editing, networking, and computer engineering. Each facility is renewed every four years using official antivirus and software.

Stasiun TV Brodacasting

TV Studio

UMN’s TV studio can be arranged according to the user’s needs. It helps the students to learn the system in television and how to use the devices like teleprompter (a display device that shows the presenter’s text), Character Generator (a computer that shows the graphics and texts on television), switcher (a device used when switching the picture from one camera to another camera), and many other else.

Lab. Radio

Radio Station

UMN RADIO 107.7 FM airs live on-line on www.radio.umn.ac.id. The radiobroadcast starts at 8 a.m. and finishes at 5 p.m. every Monday to Saturday. UMN Radio is run by the students and has a variety of high-quality and attractive programs such as Gogo Archipelago (a program about Indonesia’s cultural diversity), Serpong First (a report about what is happening), and Talk n Easy (a program about well-known young people who run businesses since early stage).


Photography Studio

The photography studio is equipped with cutting-edge devices. The students can use the high-resolution DSLR cameras with zoom, wide, fix and even macro lenses. Other devices are also availabe here like backdrops, flash lighting devices, flash triggers, umbrellas, softboxes, snoot, barndoors, filters, honeycombs, and many more. This studio can be used as a class, to do assignments, to conduct research, and to do the final project.

Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio

The green screen studio is specifically designed to make films. To record a scene, the angle can be taken from 3 different sides.

Editing Lab

Audio Video Editing Laboratory

The editing room is equipped with the computers that support its needs. Besides the sophisticated hardware, UMN also uses the up-to-date and licensed software.

Skystar Ventures UMN

Skystar Ventures

Skystar Ventures’ vision is to promote the growth of startup communities in Indonesia. Through experience-based education, Skystar’s mission is to guide the participants to finalize the ideas and develop the products efficiently.


Korea Center

UMN is in partnership with SILA University Korea to introduce Korean culture in campus. Korea Center often conducts events to enliven the campus, and the students can participate.

Lecture Hall

Lecture Hall

This modern Lecture Hall can accommodate up to 500 people. Various events like seminars, workshops, UKM (Student Activities Unit) exhibitions are conducted here.

Skystar Ventures UMN


UMN’s 600m-width library has modern interiors. The library has tens of thousands of both local and international books. They are not only textbooks, but also reference and science books. UMN’s library also provides electronic services such as E-journals like IEEE and Proquest that can be accessed from Ipads. Besides, the system is already computer based and equipped with RFID tags.


Sport Area

The basketball, futsal and badminton fields in UMN can be used for the students and UKM.

Lab Multimedia


Each UMN’s student has an account to login to My UMN. My UMN provides various information such as grades, course schedules, academic calendar, the detail of a subject, various announcements, and many more.


Kompas Corner

Kompas Lounge is provided for the students to get relaxed while gaining more knowledge through Kompas Gramedia’s publications. 


Medical Center

During the emergency, UMN expert staff is ready to give first aid. Medical Center is located in several areas in the campus to help the victims easily.

Student Lounge

The student lounge is designed for the students to feel comfortable when having discussion about the lecture, assignments, or non-academic matters.

Net Support Technology Console

Net Support helps the learning process and enables the lecturers to deliver the materials in the computers used by the students.

Bank & ATM

UMN is in partnership with several banks and has several ATMs for the students.

Cinematography Studio

UMN has cinematography laboratory equipped with the most advanced devices such as the cameras with SDI and analog video output, memory that can save up to 15-hour film, HD cameras, audio recorders and an audio mixer.

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