Advantages of the Study Program

The advent of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is the main factor hat has changed global economic systems that previously depended on the natural resources. In developed countries, every 1% growth in ICT will bring 5% economic growth. In Indonesia the percentage is around 3% to 5%.

The growth of ICT industries and ICT-based companies stimulates new business opportunities. In this era, we need managers who gain ICT knowledge to utilize ICT to increase and develop the business. UMN’s Management Program answers the challenges by preparing the students to master managerial and business skills in this ICT era.

Specialization in Management Program


To learn the management of marketing strategies and unique marketing programs and able to implement them in a business world along with the current condition of the market and able to utilize every advantage of ICT in a dynamical business world.

Subjects in this specialization program: brand management, e-marketing, service marketing, integrated marketing communication, marketing research.

Career Prospects

Technopreneur, Marketing & Brand Manager, Marketing Communication Manager, Product Development Manager, Media Planner, Account Executive, Market Researcher


To learn the financial principles and theories needed in making financial decisions such as investment decisions, financing decisions, and dividend distribution decisions in order to maximize the welfare of stakeholders.

Subjects in this specialization program: Entrepreneurial finance, technical analysis, derivative assets, financial research.

Career Prospects

Corporate Finance Management, Investment & Capital Market Manager, Financial Analyst, Credit Analyst, Loan Officer, Wealth Manager, Financial Planner


To learn the competency-based human resources management in an integrated way from job analysis, attracting, developing to maintaining human resource, and also industrial and labor relationship, so that it is expected that human capitals can be strategic planners for company management in achieving company’s goal.

Subjects in this specialization program: training and development, performance management, organizational management, change management, human capital research.

Career Prospects

Corporate HR (GA, Legal, Recruitment), Employee Relation & Labor Specialist, Compensation & Benefits Specialist, Learning & Organization Development Trainer


Operation Management changes resources to become products and services and makes plans, designs, controls, and develops the needs of systems and process. Students will also learn the tools and techniques to analyze the operation and strategic contexts in making operational decisions. The development in industry will enrich the students to understand further operation management.

Subject in this specialization program: quality management, advanced operation management, applied ERP, retail management, and operation management research.

Career Prospects

Quality Control Manager, Operation Analyst, Retail Manager, Logistic Manager, Inventory & Loss Control Manager, District Operation Manager

To become an outstanding undergraduate program in Management that produces international-minded graduates who are competent in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based management and business by emphasizing on mastering theories and practices, and have entrepreneurial spirit and noble character.

  1. To conduct a quality learning process, supported by professional lecturer, and curriculum which is up to date and promotes the link and match between education and industry.
  2. To conduct research that contributes in the development of ICT-based management and business.
  3. To utilize the management and business knowledge as the manifestation of society services.


  • Modern Classroom
  • PC Lab
  • Lecture Hall (Theater Room)
  • Student Lounge
  • Function Hall

Further Study

Those who gain a Bachelor’s degree in Management from UMN can pursue a Master’s degree in either local or overseas universities. The graduates can take a Master’s degree in Economics, Management, and Business Administration (M.BA.).

Enrollment Requirements

Graduated from Senior High Schools – Natural Science and Social Science Program
Graduated from Vocational High Schools in Accounting, Business, and Finance

Profil Program Studi Management

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