The Advantages of the Study Program

Specialization in Business Intelligence & ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
It aims to produce the graduates that understand the business processes in various organization in general (selling-buying, production planning, HRD, retail, logistics, services, education, government, etc) in a good practice and quality. They can also process big and irregular information using data mining methodology and present it in a easily understandable form, design information technology architecture of an information system to improve the organization’s performance to be transparent, safe, fast, accurate, effective, and competitive, design a database system, develop application tools, create an infrastructure system, design and build a smart system for various people’s activities.

Specialization in Information Systems

Spesialisasi(peminatan) Bidang Keahlian
Enterprise Resource Planning Business Processes, SAP ERP Configuration, ERP Implementation
Business Intelligence Data Analyst, Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Decision Support Systems
Database Systems Database Design,Development, Backup-Recovery and Tuning Quality Assurance, IT Corporate Governance, SOP,COBIT 5
IT Governance Quality Assurance, IT Corporate Governance, SOP, COBIT 5

To become an outstanding undergraduate Information Systems program that produces international-minded graduates who are competent in analyzing, designing, and implementing information systems and have entrepreneurial spirit and noble character.

  1. To conduct a quality learning process, supported by professional lecturer, and curriculum which is up to date and promotes the link and match between education and industry.
  2. To conduct research that contributes to the development of ICT-based Information Systems.
  3. To deliver society services especially in using the ICT-based Information Systems that promote the organization’s performance.


Theoretical concepts and strategies to implementing information systems in an organization specifically related to the processes of creating, managing, saving, distributing, and supervising data, information, and knowledge in every order and scope of the organization, basics of engineering informatics, corporation’s business strategies, and information systems development strategies.

Career Prospects

System Analysts, System Integrators, Programmers (Business Application), Database System Administrators, Database System Designers/Developers, Web Application Developers, Information Systems Auditors and ERP Consultants.


  • Modern Classroom
  • Oracle Lab
  • Cisco Lab
  • Computer Systems Lab
  • Advanced Programming Lab
  • Graphics and Multimedia Lab
  • Basic Multimedia Lab
  • Lecture Hall (Theater Room)
  • Student Lounge
  • Function Hall

Further Study

Those who hold a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from UMN can gain a Master’s degree in Information Management, Information Technology, Computer Science, and Management and Business.

Enrollment Requirements

Graduated from Senior High Schools – Natural Science and Social Science Program

Graduated from Vocational High Schools in Computer Engineering, Engineering Informatics, Computer and Network Engineering.

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