“Good Communication, Great Connections”

Inco Hary Perdana, S.I.Kom., M.Si.
Head of Strategic Communication 

ECTS Points 146 SKS
Education Type  Bachelor Program
Duration 4 Years
Language Bahasa Indonesia
Degree Bachelor of Communication Science

What is Strategic Communication?

Strategic Communication is a course of studying all the various methods and forms of communication that is interlinked with businesses, brands and enterprises. As a part of information communication, the strategic communication study program doesn’t just cover 2-way communication-based studies but it also focuses on communication based on a firm or brand. Through this course, UMN’s strategic communication program opens an opportunity for students to learn the communication practices between consumers, employees, the government and competitors inside a business procedure.

Why choose UMN’s Strategic Communication?

Not only does this program directs students with theoretical knowledge, but with hands-on practice. Giving students the opportunity to experience to know how the industry currently works.

Preparing students with technological development knowledge (ICT) such as the use of Multimedia Laboratory and Collabo Hub as well as work laboratories in producing communication messages so that graduates have a balanced competence between understanding theory, its implementation during practice to the use of technology in the face of the world of work. This briefing is adjusted to the needs of the industry 4.0 at this time.

In addition to this, UMN’s strategic communication has collaborated with Skystar Ventures, a Business Incubator owned by UMN, giving students the opportunity to graduate within three and a half years by creating a project. Through the Fast Track, Skystar Ventures will provide guidance and capital for students in running their business so that they will be prepared to become entrepreneurs who start their own business ventures and can complete lectures with a faster time.

Becoming a leading Strategic Communication Study Program that produces graduates with international insight, who are competent in the field of Corporate Communication and Marketing Communications based on logic, ethics, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by emphasizing theoretical and practical mastery, entrepreneurial spirit and virtuous character.

  1. Organizing a quality learning process, supported by qualified teaching staff, supported by professional teaching staff and an up-to-date curriculum that links and matches with industry.
  2. Carry out research programs that contribute to the development of ICT-based communication science.
  3. Carry out community service activities related to communication, so that it can contribute to meeting the needs of the community and the industrial world.

In this study program there are two specializations that highlights Corporate Communication and Marketing Communication. Corporate Communication, studies how a company communicates to all parties both internally and externally such as employees, consumers, investors, communities, competitors to the government to improve the image and reputation of the company while Marketing Communication is more focused on how to communicate a brand of a product or services to consumers to be known by the public and increase the sales value of the brand.

Strategic communication graduates can apply in the fields of communication, Public Relations, Marketing, Tourism, or other creative. Some job profiles that can be taken as follows.

Corporate Communication

PR Executive, PR Manager, PR Consultant, Brand Manager, Corporate Communication Officer, Investor Relations Officer, Corporate Secretary, Government Public Relations, Public Speakers, Negotiators, Political Consultants, Social Media Specialists, Researchers, Lecturers.

Marketing Communication

Account Executive, Marketing Communication Manager, Strategic Planner, Media Planner, Event Organizer, Brand Manager, Copywriter, Political Consultant, Social Media Specialist, Researcher, Lecturer.

UMN’s Information Systems study program graduates can take their master degrees in the fields of Information Management, Information Technology, Computer Science and Management and Business.

Preparing students for bachelor of communication who expertise the concepts and theories related to communication and perceive the development of technology (ICT) along with its application in the field of communication, and understand the use of various kinds of multimedia channels in producing communication products creatively. In addition to this, students are taught to be able to solve communication problems that occur in the community in accordance with applicable ethics and norms.

Expected Learning Outcome Komunikasi Strategis (PDF)

UMN’s Strategic Communication students will explore the theories and practices related to communication during the study period at UMN Strategic Communication. In general, the UMN Strategic Communication curriculum can be explained as follows:

Year 1: students will learn about understanding the communication theory, an introduction to public relations and advertising. In this first year also, students are taught to be critical and creative as well as an introduction to multimedia-based programs.

Year 2: students will learn about various forms of communication ranging from a small scope such as interpersonal communication to a broader scope such as mass communication. This program furthers the learning of public relations and advertising activities complemented by their understanding of the media industry, politics, global issues, to digital data analytics.

Year 3: students begin to determine the specialization they want to choose between corporate communication or marketing communication for further study. In this year too, they will plan and hold an event as a place to practice the theories and concepts they have learned so far.

Year 4: students will do an internship at a company or agency and be a preparatory year to work on a final project.

Program Structure Komunikasi Strategis (PDF)

High school graduates majoring in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Languages (SMK) graduates in various majors

Multimedia Nusantara University Strategic Communication Study Program has collaborated with PERHUMAS (Indonesian Public Relations Transportation) and also P3I (Association of Indonesian Advertising Companies), the two institutions represent specialization found in Strategic Communication, Corporate Communication and Marketing Communication so as to provide opportunities for students to gain direct experience from experts in their respective fields.

In addition this study program has also collaborated with the Sonar Platform, a platform that can be used by students to carry out digital analytics for social and digital media with the aim of preparing graduates to be ready to enter the workforce in today’s digital industry.

Graduates are prepared to become professionals in the field of corporate communication and marketing communication who understand the development of technology (ICT) and its application on various types of platforms. Graduates are expected to be able to produce communication content through various multimedia channels both conventionally and digitally in accordance with the needs of the industry today.

Currently UMN Strategic Communication graduates are spread in various fields of industry, both in multinational companies, advertising agencies, PR agencies, start-up companies, to e-commerce.

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