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Hotel Diploma Program

The Hotel Diploma Program at Multimedia Nusantara University provides an excellent starting point for your career in the hospitality industry. This program combines basic theory with real-world practice to give you a thorough overview of different areas in hospitality, by providing academic education together with vocational core competency training. This carries considerable value and prestige with employers in the hospitality industry worldwide. Moreover, the Hotel Diploma Program also enables the students to obtain the necessary knowledge for their entrepreneurial ideas related to the industry.


The Hotel Diploma at UMN Program consists of hands-on hospitality courses, including room division, and restaurant operations, with introductory hotel management courses based on ICT. Students will learn about food service and production alongside with a variety of academic disciplines, including foreign languages. This program prepares you with the experience and practical skills to achieve various careers in the hospitality industry.

Career Support

The Careers Development and Industry Placement team will assist students in finding an internship that matches your skills and development objectives. Internship experience will enable students to develop confidence, teamwork, leadership skills and a professional attitude. It will also help to secure the first step on the career ladder.

Internship I : In this entry level position, the students will gain a practical exposure as a Hotelier on a real working environment. During the training, the students will gain an introduction on the industry on how the hospitality industry operates. This stage of internship is focused in working experience in the front office and housekeeping department.

Internship II : The second internship provides an opportunity for the students to be the part of the industry with a deeper involvement in the production and operational section. This internship stage is aimed to sharpen the skills on practical application and communication skills in the real working situation. This stage of internship is focused on kitchen production and F&B Service.

Entry Requirements

  • High school graduates majoring in science and social studies
  • Graduates of SMK all Majors
  • TOEFL Prediction minimum 450 from CED UMN
  • Health Certificate

Career Prospects

Hotel Diploma Program creates professional graduates of national and international competitiveness, who possess unique advantages in the field of entrepreneurship and ICT with a noble character. Lead your future with us, one of the top established global university brands. Rest assure your studies at UMN will play a crucial role in achieving your desired career in the future.

Menjadi Fakultas Bisnis unggulan yang menghasilkan lulusan yang kompeten di bidang manajemenakuntansi, dan perhotelan, berbasis Information and Communication Technology (ICT),yang  berwawasan internasional, berjiwa wirausaha, dan berbudi pekerti luhur

Menjadi program studi Perhotelan (Diploma Tiga) unggulan yang menghasilkan lulusan profesional berdaya saing nasional dan internasional, memiliki keunggulan unik di bidang wirausaha dan ICT serta memiliki budi pekerti yang luhur

  1. Menyelenggarakan   proses  pembelajaran   berkualitas   yang didukung tenaga pengajar yang profesional dan kurikulum yang up-to-date dan link and match dengan dunia usaha.
  2. Melaksanakan  program   penelitian   di  bidang   ekonomi   berbasis   ICT   yang memberikan kontribusi bagi pengembangan manajemen, akuntansi, dan perhotelan.
  3. Memanfaatkan ilmu manajemen, akuntansi, dan perhotelan,  dalam rangka melaksanakan pengabdian kepada masyarakat.
  1. Menyelenggarakan proses pembelajaran yang didukung tenaga pengajar yang berkualitas dan kurikulum yang up to date dan link and match dengan dunia industri perhotelan.
  2. Melaksanakan program penelitian yang memberikan kontribusi bagi pengembangan dunia industri perhotelan.
  3. Memanfaatkan ilmu dan keahlian vokasi perhotelan dalam rangka melaksanakan pengabdian kepada masyarakat.

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